Cubieboard 3 (Cubietruck) Downloads - Linux


Armbian is a Lightweight Debian or Ubuntu based distribution specialized for ARM developing boards. The following images are from the Armbian distro.  I've been collecting them for a while but certainly don't have them all.


Below is the current version of Armbian as of 10/04/2016

  • PWM ready on pin PB2 (legacy)
  • bluetooth working with on-board device. Enabled by default on both kernels.
  • total memory is 2000Mb (disabled all memory reservations for GPU on CLI images)
  • due to bad PCB placement, there is some crosstalk between Wifi and VGA in certain videomodes
  • make sure you power the board via power connector otherwise your USB port won’t be powered
  • EDID detect video mode will fail on 4k monitor - you need to set it manually.





Login : cubie / cubie

Cubian is no longer being developed.  The last release was called X1 (nano and desktop versions) and below are some of the SD images I could find.



Whats new on Cubieez 1.0 (CT):

  • Kernel 3.4.75 with perfomance governor and NOOP I/O Scheduler (patwood's kernel branch)
  • Integrated WiFi supported
  • 2 GB RAM support
  • Optical out (SPDIF) driver
  • Updated iceweasel
  • Moved to Debian 7.3 ARMHF

Some features of Cubieez for CT A20:

  • CPU governor set to performance
  • I/O Scheduler to NOOP increases perfomance on flash devices
  • Kernel 3.4.75 with ARMHF from patwood's branch
  • Based on Debian 7.3 Wheezy, creating the rootfs from zero for Cubie
  • Kernel support to major USB Wi-Fi adapters
  • Clock & date synchro with fake-hwclock (via ntp)
  • Debian 7.3 ARMHF repository (better than Ubuntu one)
  • LXDE base desktop with low mem consumption
  • audio CODEC (jack audio), sunhdmi (HDMI audio) and SPDIF
  • microSD activity to green led (you can change it to blue into rc.local)
  • X11VNC, SSH (SFTP too) and other basic utils installed
  • iceweasel browser
  • Gnome Mplayer (less CPU consumption than lxmusic)
  • Benchmark tools (@ /root)
  • Lightweight, only 2GB microSD required. Can be expanded to bigger ones.


  • users: root / cubie
  • unified password: cubieboard (change it on first boot, please)
  • Default IP: (edit /etc/network/interfaces)

Cubieez v1.0.0 - Kernel 3.4.75


Cubieez v2.0 (README)


  • Kernel based on 3.4.79 cubietech
  • Based on Debian 7.6 Wheezy
  • Supported chromium-browser and web flash
  • Supported set HDMI monitor resolution
  • Eabled bluetooth function
  • Both wifi and eth(dhcp) connection supported
  • Can supported 720p video player
  • Clock & date synchro with fake-hwclock (via ntp)
  • LXDE base desktop with low mem consumption
  • Audio CODEC (jack audio), sunhdmi (HDMI audio)  
  • X11VNC, SSH (SFTP too) and other basic utils installed
  • Gnome Mplayer (less CPU consumption than lxmusic)
  • Benchmark tools (@ /root)
  • SATA install supported

Cubieez v2.0 Downloads:


Cubieez v2.2 (README v2.1)

Login: root / cubieboard & cubie / cubieboard

Cubieez v2.2 Downloads:


Cubietech Linux Releases:

Debian Jessie Server:

Debian Wheezy Server: (README)

Linaro Server:


Slackware for Cubietruck


  • login: root
  • password: password



Miscellaneous Images: