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  • Archivers / Compression
    • ARC v6.02 - A popular file compressor / archiver from roughly 1985-1989
    • ARJ 2.78 - Open source version of the ARJ Compressor. (Website)
    • LHA v2.55e - LHA or LZH is a freeware compression utility and associated file format. It was created in 1988 by Haruyasu Yoshizaki.
    • PKZip v2.04g - Released in January 1993.  Extremely populard compressor / archiver.
    • PKZip 2.50 - Released in March 1999, this is the final version to still support DOS Real Mode.
    • RAR v3.93 - Last version of RAR to support 16-bit DOS.
    • ZOO v2.10 - ZOO is a data compression program and format developed by Rahul Dhesi in the mid-1980s.
  • Diagnostic
    • NICSCAN - The NICSCAN.EXE program is a utility which scans the PCI bus for a network card, reads its vendor and device ID and then looks up in the pci.dbn file the name of the vendor and the device, if present in this file. (Website)
  • Editors
    • PEDIT 4.00 - short for Program Editor, is similar to the DOS EDIT  program, but more powerful, and with many additional features for programmers. It includes pop-up tables, column support, macro key, undo, copy & paste to other Windows applications, long filenames, word wrap, spell checker, thesaurus, HTML support, and much more.
    • DOS EDIT - Microsoft Edit v0.9.019 [1994] - Supports large files and split windows.
  • File Managers
    • DOS Navigator 1.51 - Norton Commander type but soooo much better.  There are other great file managers out there, but this one just hits it out of the park!
    • Norton Commander 5.51 - Fast, efficient and easy to use dual pane file manager.
  • Memory
    • JEMM v5.78 - Jemm is an Expanded Memory Manager for DOS, based on the source of FreeDOS EMM386. It comes in 2 versions: Jemm386, which requires an XMM (HimemX, for example) being loaded first, and JemmEx, which already has the XMM included. (Website)
    • HimemX v3.32 - HimemX is a XMS memory manager. It's derived from FreeDOS Himem (short: FDHimem) with bugfixes, optimizations and extensions. (Website)
    • XMGR-PKG - XMGR, RDISK, XHDD, and XDVD2 are DOS device drivers for an 80386+ PC system using MS-DOS V5.0+ or a fully-compatible variant. (Website)
  • System
    • DOSidle v2.10 - DOSidle enables power-saving features of the processor and executes the HLT command when idle so as to COOL THE PROCESSOR GREATLY!!  Runs under MS-DOS V5.00-7.10 and Windows95/98 DOS Box.  Nice for VM's and PCem / 86Box.
    • FDAPM - An advanced Power Management tool.  Works great with PCem.
    • REBOOT - Super small but handy utility to reboot a DOS PC from the command line.  Works great when ctrl-alt-del isn't an option.
    • SHUTDOWN - Handy utility to turn of your PC from the command line.  Only works in DOS and computer must have an ATX power supply.
    • SHSUCD - SHSUCD is a suite of programs dealing with the CD-ROM.  Included in this archive is SHSUCDX v3.07 (Website)
    • SHSUCDX v3.03f - version of SHSUCDX with a smaller binary and easier compilation (Website)


Updates / Patches

  • FDisk Update - Microsoft KB 263044  - Fdisk Does Not Recognize Full Size of Hard Disks Larger than 64 GB.  Released for Windows 98 but can be used for older MS-DOS.



  • CD-ROM Drivers
    • oakcdrom.sys - Very popular driver that works with most IDE CD-ROMs
    • vide-cdd.sys - The VIDE-CDD.SYS (Version 2.15) driver is an IDE CD-ROM device driver from Acer. It is one of the smallest DOS CD-ROM drivers available. (More Info)
    • vide-cdd.sys v2.14a - VIDE-CDD.SYS is a universal IDE CD-ROM/DVD-ROM driver for DOS which only uses 5KB. Unfortunately it does not work on systems which use native IDE mode instead of legacy IDE mode (primary IDE ports 1F0h-1F7h and secondary IDE ports 170h-177h). Here is a patched version of VIDE-CDD.SYS v2.14 which supports native IDE mode by obtaining the correct I/O port address range from PCI configuration space. Functionality is unchanged in the case of legacy IDE mode. The patch only affects the initialization code so the resident size is unchanged. This patched version reports itself as Version 2.14a. Note AHCI is not supported as that is a different interface. (Website)
  • Mouse Drivers
    • CuteMouse 1.9.1 - DOS based driver that uses the BIOS to handle PS/2 Mice.  Very small memory footprint.  (Website)
    • mouse901.exe - Microsoft Mouse Driver v9.01 (1993)
    • - Microsoft Mouse Driver v8.20 (1992) - Came with Windows 3.1 and works in a a DOS windows.
  • Iomega ZipTools
    • - IOmega Zip Tools v3.03 for DOS / Win31 / Win95.  These are for the external parallel port drive. (Readme.txt)
    • - IOmega Zip Tools v5.3 for DOS / Win31 / Win95.  These are for the external parallel port drive. (Readme.txt)
    • - IOmega Zip Tools v5.4 for DOS / Win31 / Win95.  These are for the external parallel port drive. (Readme.txt)
  • USB Drivers
    • - This zip file contains the various USB drivers available for MS-DOS.  See this website for further information.  Here is another website with good info.




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