Interesting Web Links

  • OpenDOS - OpenDOS is a clone of the popular MS-DOS operating system. Like MS-DOS, it is a 16 bit OS, and includes the full range of standard utilities (sort, chkdsk, etc ), most of which are improvements over their counterparts supplied with MS-DOS.
  • RemoteCPU DOS Software Archive - Nice collection of DOS software from all categories.
  • DOS.RETRO.SOFTWARE - Just like the name says, this is another site dedicated to collecting and preserving DOS based software of all kinds.
  • Interesting DOS Software - Site dedicated to unique and interesting DOS applications and utilities.
  • PCem Emulator - Probably the best emulator you'll find for re-creating a true DOS, Win31, Win 95/98 and even XP virtual machine.
  • CD-ROM Drivers - Nice site that has DOS drivers for just about any CD-ROM ever made.
  • R.Loew Electronics - Absolutely amazing drivers and patches made by R. Loew for Windows 98.
  • TelnetBBSGuide - Great resource for finding BBSes that you can Telnet to.

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